II-VI Diamond Turning is an industry leader providing diamond-turned and ultra-precision machined components for commercial, medical, military, and aerospace industries. Our facility is recognized as one of the largest and most advanced in the world, offering a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Flycutting of fold mirrors, galvo mirrors, cylinders, polygons, and faceted optics
  • Precision machining of housings and lens mounts
  • Two-axis turning (700mm diameter capacity)
  • Fast Tool Servo and Slow Tool Servo for freeform and non-rotationally symmetric geometries
  • B-Axis tool normal machining for domes and steep diffractive optics
  • Micro-milling and micro-grinding for lens arrays and structured surfaces
  • Advanced metrology capabilities including interferometry, profilometry, and high-power laser testing
  • Supported by II-VI Infrared materials, thin-film coating, design and assembly capabilities
Please send inquiries to info@iiviinfrared.com, or call (toll-free in the USA and Canada) 888.558.1504, or 724.352.1504.

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To submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ), or to place an order, Please contact a II-VI Sales representative at this link or call 888.558.1504 (toll-free sales in the USA and Canada)